Amazon Prime App scammer claims to be Amazon app developer

Amazon Prime App scammer claims to be Amazon app developer

A scammer claiming to be a Amazon app development developer has targeted Apple users on the webex app store.

The site, which has been updated to remove the app’s scam warning, says that the person behind the scam is using Apple’s Apple ID to create fraudulent accounts on the site.

The user also claims to have created a fake Apple account for himself and other people.

“This scammer is using a fake Facebook account to post scams on the Apple App Store,” the site says.

“In the past, Apple has made it very easy to remove fraudulent apps from the App Store.”

Apple has been working to address this issue, which can lead to app creators getting removed from the store for fraudulent activities.

The company also recently launched an app review process that makes it easier for developers to get paid for reviews.

Apple is also cracking down on app reviews, and has implemented an algorithm that determines which apps are likely fraudulent.

“We have been monitoring and improving the app review algorithm to make it even more difficult for fraudsters to obtain reviews,” Apple said in a statement.

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