Club is selling out in two days to get rid of the ring

Club is selling out in two days to get rid of the ring

A Melbourne club is selling its entire season of Australian Rugby Sevens ahead of the World Cup, with most seats available for just $250 per seat.

RingCentral app, a sports app owned by Fairfax Media, has been offering to sell out the club’s season for $250 a seat.

Club president Paul DeMarco says it has sold out more than a dozen times in its first two days on sale, with the club offering more than 70 seats.

“It’s been absolutely incredible, and it’s been a massive undertaking for us,” he said.

“The club is the heart and soul of the community and we’ve been really lucky to get such a huge response.”

Mr DeMarco said the club had about 500 members and had the support of a large number of club-based members.

“We’ve had the most amazing response,” he told ABC News.

“I think it’s a testament to our community and the support that we’ve received.”

But it’s not just the support from members, but from other members that are also in the game and we have great fans who are all over the world.

“So we’re a family of rugby clubs and I think the support we’ve had from all of them, as well as from the community, is really special.”

The club has been playing every home match for the past five years.

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