Goodrx app: video chat for Android

Goodrx app: video chat for Android

A video chat application for Android is on its way, but the developer is waiting on regulatory approvals before it can begin rolling it out.

Goodrx announced on its blog Monday that it has “successfully completed the regulatory review process for its video chat service, Goodrx.”

The app will be available to users in the United States and Canada beginning on October 17, the blog post said.

It’s unclear when Goodrx plans to roll out the app outside of the United Kingdom, where the service already has a dedicated app.

The company has also launched an Android app for those in the US, which it says will become available in the coming days.

In December, Goodryx announced it was developing a “video chat app for Android,” which it describes as “a powerful, simple, and fun way to create and share video conversations with your friends and family.”

The company declined to provide any further details about what that app might include, saying that “it’s something we’re excited about, but we haven’t announced a date yet.”

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