How NFL players react to the ‘fake news’ story about the NFL anthem protests

How NFL players react to the ‘fake news’ story about the NFL anthem protests

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump took aim at NFL players for not standing during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality, calling them “sons of bitches.”

But that wasn’t all.

Trump also made reference to his favorite football player, “Big Ben.”

“He said he didn’t like it,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

“He said it was a distraction, but he doesn’t like the fact that we have to have a distraction.

And he said it’s not like he likes the national flag.”

Big Ben, of course, is the quarterback of the New England Patriots.

He was also one of the most popular players on Twitter during the protests, where the hashtag #FreeBen spread quickly on social media, including one that went viral last week: “Ben Roethlisberger: ‘I don’t like watching this nonsense.

It’s really stupid, really dumb.'”

Trump has been criticized for not making a direct threat against NFL players who do not stand during the anthem, but in recent weeks, he has been pushing for a ban on kneeling in the anthem.

The NFLPA has said it will continue to oppose such a ban.

In the past, Trump has also suggested the NFL should be renamed the National Football League, though the league has not commented on the matter.

Trump was also asked about President Barack Obama’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement, when the president said he wasn’t surprised by the Black community’s protest against police brutality.

“I’ve heard all kinds of things, and I’ve heard people say that,” Trump told reporters on Monday.

“I’ve also heard people talk about the police, and all that.

And I think it’s a good thing.

I think the Black communities have done a lot of good things.”

Asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace if he was surprised that the protests had become so big, Trump replied, “I think you should just look at the numbers.

It is a good movement.””

Look at what’s happening in the Black world,” he continued.

“And I think you ought to take a look at what the police are doing.

And then you ought, you know, talk about this.

And maybe you’ll find out what’s going on.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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