How to download Fox News app for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes Store

How to download Fox News app for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes Store

Fox News is going to let you download its app for your iPhone and your iPad.

The app, dubbed the Zoom app, will let you quickly access more than 50 million Fox News shows from your device, Fox News senior vice president of digital services Josh Baca said.

The app lets you watch live streaming video of Fox News broadcasts, and it’ll automatically download the Fox News App onto your device so you can access it from your home screen or from the News app.

You can also share content with friends and family using the new app.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Baca told a Fox News conference that the Zoom App will only work on Apple devices, but he wouldn’t elaborate on what platforms.

He also wouldn’t give any indication about what devices would be supported by the Zoom service.

The Zoom app is a way to access Fox News, which currently has more than 40 million subscribers.

Bacos said he was disappointed that the app isn’t available for Android and Windows Phone.

However, he said that he is working on bringing the app to those platforms.

Baco also said that the Fox news app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phones, though he declined to say how many of those are already up and running.

The launch of the new Fox News service comes as other major media companies are starting to take steps to bring new digital platforms to their users.

The Apple News app is coming to Apple TV in the next few weeks, for example, and the Google+ News app has been announced.

Boca said the Zoom apps will not be available for the Fox app on the iPhone until the launch of a second app, the app.

The Zoom app will only be available on devices that are able to access the iOS App Store.

Baccarat, a San Francisco-based startup that creates news apps for the iPhone and Android, has partnered with Fox News for the Zoom experience, which will launch on the Apple News App in the coming months.

Baccarat is launching the new Google+ app later this year.

Bacca said that while the Zoom news app will be limited to iOS devices, it will be available to Android users.

Fox News is a subsidiary of News Corp. owned by Rupert Murdoch.

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