‘Lack of understanding’ on gun laws in Bible app makes me think of the mass shooting in Texas

‘Lack of understanding’ on gun laws in Bible app makes me think of the mass shooting in Texas

By Kate MeehanThe Washington PostChristianity and gun control have been the topics of heated debate since the shooting at the historic Texas church of First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in December.

As the shooting unfolded, many Americans felt helpless.

Gun owners felt powerless.

And as the tragedy unfolded, the gun control debate came to be viewed as a war on Christianity.

Now, as the massacre in Sutherland Springs looms, I’m thinking of the gun owners in my life.

And as I read about the Bible app, I can’t help but think of them.

In the Bible, God’s word, the Bible is the book that we hold as the basis of our morality.

The Bible is our bible.

But it is also the Bible we teach our children.

In our children’s Bible class, we teach children how to read the Bible and how to study it.

And we teach them about the life of Jesus Christ.

It’s the Bible that we teach, as well as the Bible they will learn.

The bible app, which was created by the Christian conservative group Americans United for Separation of Church and State, includes a video and text of scripture from the Bible.

But for some people, it can be difficult to read this text and know what the word “good” means.

Some people, in fact, feel like the Bible doesn’t quite tell them what to do.

So, the group has created a Bible app that tells children that Jesus is God.

The app includes a book called The Good Samaritan, written by the author of the book The Good Shepherd, as part of the bible app.

In it, a man named Luke, who goes by the name Luke, describes the life and teaching of Jesus and the Bible in his story of Jesus.

In Luke’s story, Jesus is the way to the kingdom of heaven, he’s the way of the truth and he’s a prophet who gives life to the world.

And the Bible has been written about him as Jesus is written about Jesus.

But, for some, it has also been written against him.

Some Christians have criticized the book, arguing that Jesus was portrayed as a misogynist and a racist, and that Jesus didn’t know God.

Others, including some Christian conservatives, have criticized Luke’s portrayal of Jesus as a sexist and racist.

But in the app, Luke has written a book that tells a different story.

This book is called The Life of Jesus, written about the history of Jesus by people like John Calvin, Thomas Merton, and John Murray.

As Luke puts it in his book, The Good and the Bad, Jesus never hated women.

He never said, “You women are all the same and your time is not yet.”

In fact, Jesus loved women.

And when he was asked by a man what he would say to a woman who hated him, Jesus said, You have done a great service for me, if you have loved me, I will never forgive you.

“So, Luke tells a story about how Jesus loved and respected women.

But the Bible isn’t just about Jesus, or about men.

The story of The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful is about Jesus as well.

And, in Luke’s book, Jesus teaches the Bible about the way that women are viewed, how women are treated, and how women need to be protected.

In his book The Life, Luke describes a story from Jesus’ childhood.

He describes a time when he saw a woman with two young children walking down the street.

She wore a white coat, and a large bag of clothes that were strewn about her.

And she was carrying a bag of food.

In this story, Luke says, the woman looked down at her children, and said to the children, “I am not looking for any help, but just your father’s help.

He will be happy to give you what you need.

“Jesus told the children not to worry about the woman, not to be angry with her, but to just follow her instructions.

And so, when he returned home from school, he met up with his father and mother.

And the father and the mother took Luke and his family to a place where Jesus would sit down with his family.

And in the evening, Jesus would say, “Go to your home and be seated.”

And when he finished saying this, he would sit in the family’s home, and his father would sit beside him, and he would be like this, “Father, I am not here to help you.

But if you need my help, I shall come back and make you happy.

And if you will come back, I have many things to do for you.

“Luke says that Jesus sat down and listened.

But as Luke was talking, he noticed something.

When he turned to look at his father, he saw Jesus standing there, as if he had known what he was doing all along.

Luke says Jesus sat up and looked at him

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