Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro 3 with 4K display

Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro 3 with 4K display

Microsoft is preparing to unveil a new Surface 3 with a 4K screen, in a bid to compete with Apple and Samsung in the mobile device market.

The company said the Surface 3 will be unveiled at its Computex event on Monday and will be available for purchase from Microsoft stores starting on February 22.

The Surface 3 is the first Surface with a display larger than 5 inches.

The new device is the only Surface device with a curved screen, according to Microsoft.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the Surface Pro will be a more powerful device than the current Surface Pro 2, with 4,096 millimeters of pixels and a display size of 5 inches, while the Surface Book has a 5.7-inch display.

The device is expected to be the first to include a 4k display, with a maximum pixel density of 2,072 pixels per inch.

The new Surface will be priced at $1,399, and the company has also promised to offer a “sub-$100” Windows 10 tablet.

The Wall Street Journos report said Microsoft plans to offer the Surface as a limited-edition product, but it has not yet confirmed whether or not it will offer a version with a higher-resolution screen.

The announcement comes just days after Apple and Apple Watch announced that they would launch new models of their wearable devices, along with a new accessory.

The Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Watch 3 are expected to arrive sometime in 2019.

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