Uber app download drops as Apple moves to close Uber app connection

Uber app download drops as Apple moves to close Uber app connection

Uber app downloads dropped to an all-time low as Apple closes the connection between the app and the Uber network.

Uber’s app now only appears in the Uber app for the company’s own drivers, and the company says it will disable the Uber Connected status for the entire app.

“This means that you can no longer use Uber Connect to connect with your Uber app in the U.S.,” the company wrote in an FAQ.

The company said it has made changes to ensure its drivers are receiving the latest updates on driver support.

The move comes after Uber began using Apple’s Connected app to connect to the network, though it has since been removed.

Uber drivers are required to have the company-issued iOS device as their primary means of connection to the Uber service, as well as to provide the same information to the company.

Apple has said it’s working with Uber to find a way to make the Connected connection work for all users.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Uber said the decision to remove the Connect link was made as part of the company plan to address privacy concerns.

“In the future, we will continue to update drivers to the latest version of our iOS app,” the company said in a statement.

“Users should be aware that their Uber Connect info will be shared with us and the app, including to the point where we may need to share it with Uber.”

Uber has faced scrutiny for its privacy practices, which have come under scrutiny after it was revealed that it had been using a data-mining app called Grindr to identify people looking for dates.

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