Walmart, Google to create online grocery stores app that lets customers order groceries on-demand

Walmart, Google to create online grocery stores app that lets customers order groceries on-demand

The grocery store giant Wal-Mart and Google are teaming up to create an online grocery app that can deliver products directly to customers.

The partnership between the two companies follows on from the recent launch of a similar online grocery store called Grindr, which allows users to order groceries online from a range of retailers including Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, Amazon and Walmart.

The launch of Grindr marks the latest move by Wal-Marts e-commerce business to capitalize on the popularity of the social network in the past year, with the company previously announcing a deal with Facebook to build an app for its customers to purchase goods on the site.

Users can now buy groceries directly from the apps, allowing them to browse through thousands of brands, buy items they may not normally be able to find on Amazon and order from more than 1,200 merchants across the globe.

The Grindr app allows shoppers to order items from online stores and have them delivered to their doorsteps within 24 hours, with deliveries included in the price.

“We believe that the Grindr experience has become a fundamental part of our customers’ shopping experience and we are excited to be part of the launch of the Walmart Online Grocery App,” Wal-mart said in a statement.

“We are excited about partnering with Google to bring this technology to our customers, and look forward to helping them get the best grocery experience possible.”

The Walmart online grocery service was launched in October 2015 and offers items ranging from grocery to grocery delivery, with delivery including delivery to stores within one hour.

Wal-mart also announced earlier this month that it would be launching a new line of online grocery apps, which will be available for free for the first year, in early 2017.

Last month, the grocery store chain also announced plans to launch an app in 2019 that will allow customers to order products in-store, which is the same functionality that the company already offers with its online grocery.

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