‘We’ll never get rid of the Google Voice app’: Google says it’ll keep it in the App Store

‘We’ll never get rid of the Google Voice app’: Google says it’ll keep it in the App Store

Google is moving forward with its plans to shut down its Voice app, and it’s saying it won’t stop with the iOS version of the app.

In a post to its blog, Google announced that it would continue to provide Voice on Android phones, but that the company would not “expire” Voice for iOS.

Google’s announcement came shortly after Apple announced a new feature called the Voice Assistant on the iOS and Mac App Stores that let users create a new, personalized voice with the search engine’s voice assistant.

Google also said it would allow Voice users to keep the voice assistant on their phones if they choose to.

“As Google Voice continues to grow, we will continue to support Voice on iOS and Android,” Google said.

The company also promised to support other features of Voice like Voice Search, Voice Search Auto, and Voice Search on other devices.

Voice Search is the voice recognition system that allows you to search on the web, use Google Maps, and more, with Voice Search automatically coming up when you speak into your phone.

Voice Auto is a feature that lets you control your phone from the lock screen, and lets you select from a variety of audio and visual options from the voice command screen.

“Voice Search Auto and Voice Assistant will continue in the Android and iOS App Stores,” Google wrote.

Google said it is continuing to offer Voice Search as a paid service in the U.S., but that it will not be available in other markets.

Google added that Voice Search will be available on its Google Voice mobile apps for iOS and on the Google Play store for Android, as well as on Google Search on Apple’s App Store.

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