What to do when you’re in a pinch

What to do when you’re in a pinch

It’s the time of year when many residents in Jerusalem’s old and new neighborhoods want to be in the mood to eat a meal or do some shopping.

But with the city’s winter weather, a busy shopping season and the looming threat of a major earthquake, the options are limited.

So how to take advantage of the last hours of the year?

The answer depends on your budget.

With the city facing its second straight winter with a record snowfall and record low temperatures, many people are looking for more creative ways to spend the last few days.

Here are some of our favorite options:At the marketThe market is a place where shoppers can find a wide variety of goods, including fruits and vegetables, meat and cheeses, meat products, spices, sweets and candies.

It is the best place to stock up on groceries, since the market is open late on Fridays and Saturdays.

It is also the best option for people looking for a bargain.

But remember to stock your freezer and fridge with food you can use later on in the day, since this market is closed on Mondays.

It’s a little pricey, but it is a great place to shop.

You can even bring home a bag of vegetables, if you feel like it, because there is no refrigeration.

The market is also closed on Sundays.

In the eveningThere are lots of restaurants and bars that serve a variety of dishes and drinks in a lively atmosphere.

But there are some restrictions.

The restaurant and bar are only open until 6 p.m. and the restaurants can only serve customers over 16.

The bars and restaurants cannot serve alcohol, which is only allowed on Sunday.

The neighborhoodThere are a lot of restaurants that serve food, and it is hard to go wrong with a few tasty options.

But if you’re looking for something more traditional, try the neighborhood.

There are plenty of small eateries and restaurants that cater to people who like to eat out, as well as the popular outdoor markets.

You can also find a nice selection of food in the market and bar.

The cityThis market is the most convenient place to find fresh produce and local products, and you can shop for anything from fruit and vegetables to meats and cheesers.

It’s a great spot for those who like fresh foods, and the area is very safe.

There is no alcohol allowed at the market, but you can buy alcohol in the store.

You will have to be 21 to buy beer or wine.

The streetsThere are also many outdoor markets and bars located throughout the city.

These are the best places to go to for food, as they are always packed.

There are also a few places that sell sweets, cakes and other treats, which are very popular.

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