When Chrome app becomes an Android app, a big change awaits: app store

When Chrome app becomes an Android app, a big change awaits: app store

Google has been working to make Chrome an Android-only app store, but that may not be as simple as it sounds.

The company is looking at the app store in a new way and is now looking to “use Android to offer a rich set of services to consumers,” according to the company’s chief security officer, David Aitken.

The service is being called “Chrome for Android,” and it’ll offer a mix of apps and services, including a browser for developers, a video player, a media player, and an audio player.

This will “include a new API for developers to offer more content to users.”

Chrome for Android will also offer the ability to access Chrome OS’ storage, which is currently a Chrome OS storage, but Chrome OS doesn’t use any of that storage for its apps, but Aitkins claim that “it will be accessible by developers for the first time on Android.”

He says that this “will give Chrome an opportunity to offer an API to developers that allows them to take advantage of the storage on Chrome OS and make more apps available for consumers.”

He also says that “channels will be open to developers to make more Chrome Apps available for Android.”

Aitkens timeline is clear that Google is taking this new direction.

He says the company is “actively developing Chrome apps” for Android and has “taken a strategic position” on this front.

We don’t know if this is the same as Chrome OS for Android, but Google’s position appears to be that Chrome apps will be available on Android.

Google has also added an Android API to Chrome OS that lets developers use its native API to create new Chrome apps.

Chrome OS is still an open source platform, but it has been locked down and Google has kept a very tight lid on Chrome’s developer tools.

Developers have had to rely on Google to keep up with their apps and support.

Now that Google has the Android app store for developers and the Chrome API to access that API, it seems like the company has decided to open up Android to a wider range of developers.

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