When is it OK to call McDonalds app a ‘Whatsapp’?

By BBC Sport’s Stephen ParnellRead moreThe app is a standalone Google-owned app, with no links to the McDonalds brands, with the name ‘Whosapp’.

But Google said it was OK for users to call the app a Whatsapp and the app was designed to work with Google Maps and Google Drive.

“It’s important to note that while Google apps are meant to be used with the help of a Google account, the app itself is not an official Google app,” Google said.

“Users can call the Whatsapp app from their Google account and receive messages on the same day.”

The app works with a range of Google services, including Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube and Gmail.

“WhatsApp is the first app from Google to support Google Drive and YouTube.

Users can share and view videos and photos directly from Google Drive or YouTube,” Google added.”

While Whatsapp is a Google app, it does not contain any Google or other trademarks.

Users will need to contact the developer of the app if they wish to use any of its services.”

Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said he was proud of the service.

“When we introduced Whatsapp in 2014, it was the first time a Google-branded app had been available for a mobile device, and it’s been a phenomenal success,” he said.

The app also works with the iPhone’s new Messages app, which has a similar interface and features to Whatsapp.

“Messages is a messaging app, but it’s built on top of WhatsApp and allows users to send and receive more messages on their phone,” it said.

Users can also call the WhatsApp app from the desktop, which is available in more countries and on Android.

Whatsapps app was launched in January 2014, but has been downloaded by more than 1bn users since.

It was created by Google as part of its efforts to build an all-encompassing messaging app.

Google has also introduced a range on its own services, like YouTube, which are meant for mobile use.

In March, the company announced it would invest $US3.5 billion ($4.1 billion) into YouTube, where it will invest US$2 billion in its digital-video business.

Whispersync is a new messaging service that is designed to integrate with the messaging services Whatsapp, YouTube, Google+, Skype and Line.

WhisperSystem, a messaging service launched in April, also works on Android, and is being used by more people in Australia than any other country outside the US.

Users will be able to call Whatsapp from their own Android phone and can send and share messages from the app.

“In addition to Whatsapps and WhatsApp, the WhisperSystem team includes the following services: Whatsapp (for Android users), WhatsApp Plus (for iOS users), YouTube (for Apple users), Skype Plus (iOS users), Line (for UK users), Twitter (for EU users), Facebook Messenger (for US users),” it said in a blog post.

Whilst Google says the Whatsapps app is “an unofficial app” that does not have any links to McDonalds, it did not say it did so in a statement.

“We don’t sell the app and we don’t claim it’s official,” Google told the BBC.

“You can call it a WhatsApp, but the app is not a Google or Google-related product.”

Google said it had no plans to launch its own WhatsApp app.

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