When Rojava revolution breaks out, video game app launches as Syria ‘first step’

When Rojava revolution breaks out, video game app launches as Syria ‘first step’

Syrian state television is reporting that the Rojava Revolution is “the first step” towards the establishment of a free and democratic Syria.

The state-run Al-Watan news agency reported on Tuesday that the revolution in the Kurdish region of northern Syria began on June 2 with the establishment by the Rojavan People’s Protection Units (YPG) of the first “free and democratic” government in a country where there has been “a long history of dictatorship”.

The announcement came amid ongoing clashes between the armed Syrian Kurdish YPG and the Turkish armed forces in the northern city of Raqqa, where YPG fighters have been battling with the Turkish army since August.

The Rojava uprising has become a hot topic of debate in Turkey and in the US, with President Donald Trump recently threatening to impose sanctions on Turkish firms operating in the country if they do not abandon the region.

Rojava is an autonomous region in northeastern Syria, where the majority of the population is under the age of 30.

The region has been plagued by a lack of economic and political development and a series of deadly attacks on civilians in recent years.

According to Al-Qaeda’s online propaganda arm, the Nusra Front, the Rozestan revolution was a “rebellion” against the Syrian government and was carried out “for freedom, democracy and social justice”.

The Nusra front has also claimed responsibility for a string of suicide bombings in Syria.

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