Which Windows 10 Mobile Apps Can You Use on Your Phone?

Which Windows 10 Mobile Apps Can You Use on Your Phone?

In a world of endless possibilities, it’s easy to fall into a trap of thinking that every new version of Windows 10 is an upgrade.

While this may sound like a great idea at first glance, the truth is that the software has had far more changes in the last two years than any previous iteration.

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is finally giving us more choice.

While most apps that work with Windows 10 have been updated to support the new features, the rest of the apps are not.

And while you’ll likely never run into a situation where you want to use a third-party app on your phone, you’re still better off with an app that can work with both iOS and Android devices.

That said, it can still be frustrating to see your favorite apps get updated to the latest version of the operating system.

The following 10 apps will help you find apps that can be used on your mobile device, and which are free to download for Windows 10.


Newsmax app Newsmax is the latest addition to the News app that brings you news, weather, sports, and the latest events.

The app can be installed on both Windows 10 phones and Windows 10 PCs.

It’s a good choice for people who want to be notified whenever there’s an event on the news, and for those who want the latest news on their phones or tablets.

News is free to install and requires no installation on your PC. 2.

Microsoft Authenticator app This app lets you sign in to your Microsoft account.

The only difference between the app and the Windows Authenticator is that it’s a digital copy of your Microsoft email.

Both are free, though, so you won’t be wasting your time with them.

If you don’t want to go through a cumbersome process to register an account, this is a good way to get your Microsoft credentials.


Windows 10 Store app A new Windows 10 app that allows you to browse the Windows Store, get updates, and sign in with your Microsoft ID.

This app will let you download apps, install new apps, and get the latest Windows 10 software updates.

The Windows Store is one of the best places to find the latest apps and updates to Windows 10, and it’s free to use.


Bing search app The Bing search application lets you search for anything that you type into the search bar.

This is one app that’s worth picking up.

Bing’s search feature is great because you can get a huge amount of information without having to download anything from the Windows Phone Store or Bing, and you can use the Bing search interface even on Windows 10 devices.


Microsoft Calendar app Microsoft’s calendar app lets users schedule appointments with up to nine people in a single calendar event.

This lets you schedule appointments for meetings, school, work, and family, or for the holidays.

You can also add reminders for those things you want people to do at a certain time.


Microsoft Wallet app You can buy or use Microsoft Pay using the Microsoft Wallet application.

Microsoft Pay lets you buy things like apps and games, and even pay for items with your Windows 10 phone or PC. 7.

Windows Store app The Windows 10 store is a great place to buy apps and other digital content.

The Store is an excellent place to find apps, games, music, and other content that you can download from the Microsoft Store or get for free from Microsoft.


Bing Search app The Bing search experience is the same as that of the Windows Search app.

Search for content with Bing’s built-in search features, and use Bing to find information that matches your search criteria.


Windows Insider app Windows Insider lets you try out a preview of the next version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, which is the next major version of a new operating system that comes out each year.

Windows Insiders are eligible to download the Windows Update for free.

If your Microsoft Account is linked to an Insider account, you’ll get access to the new software preview as soon as it’s released.


Google Play Store appThe Google Play store is one great way to download apps and use the Google Play services.

The Google Play apps are free and available for download.

There are also apps that are part of Google Play and are also free.

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