Why are we still not doing enough to address climate change?

Why are we still not doing enough to address climate change?

More than 100 researchers and climate scientists have written an open letter to Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, urging them to take steps to curb climate change.

The scientists say it is time for companies to take the lead in tackling climate change, with a common goal: getting the world to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

But there is disagreement about how to go about doing so.

“It is clear that some companies have taken the lead on this issue, but it is not clear what the overall direction is,” said Dr Tim Flannery, director of the Climate Science Centre at the University of New South Wales.

He said the letter was not about companies and governments, but rather about the needs of society.

“The letter was intended to highlight the fact that governments are failing to effectively address climate impacts, as well as to urge the companies that are currently leading the way to step up and take on these responsibilities,” he said.

Google’s chief science officer, Mike McCutcheon, said the company had “a long history of working with the government on climate change issues, and it is vital to all our companies to do so.”

“We’ve made commitments to reduce carbon emissions, and we’re committed to continuing to do that,” he told the BBC.

“I think it is important for companies around the world, not just Google, to take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The letter also urges the companies to support the efforts of local communities to tackle climate change in their communities.

It says there is no single approach to addressing climate change that can work for all countries, and that communities need to be in charge of their own policies and actions.

But Google, which is the world’s largest tech company, has come under fire for its role in the global internet giant’s advertising revenue, which was a fraction of its profits.

In a blog post, the company said the climate change issue had been “touched on by a few people in a few places in the world”.

“We do our part, too,” it said.

“Our advertising partners across the world have spent billions of dollars on the global debate on climate action, from building better infrastructure and protecting forests to investing in clean energy.”

These efforts have made a difference to people’s lives and helped make the planet more resilient to climate change.

“The companies did not respond to the letter.

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