Why does ‘The Walking Dead’ show’s showrunner ask ‘What if’?

Why does ‘The Walking Dead’ show’s showrunner ask ‘What if’?

A week after the showrunner of the hit AMC zombie drama “The Walking Dark” tweeted that he would not allow any new footage of his beloved series to be shot in the U.S. or in Europe, a message was quickly posted on Twitter that made clear that the show was no longer welcome at the network’s headquarters in Burbank, California.

In a series of tweets posted on Sunday, showrunner Scott Gimple wrote, “We are going to make sure there is no footage of our shows in Europe and the US.

We will be very strict.”

The statement comes as a new episode of “The Wolf Among Us” is expected to air on Monday, but not before the showrunners took a more explicit stand on their intentions for the future.

In the tweet, Gimple said, “I’m going to keep the European and US shows in the fold and we will work on other things.

I am not saying no to anything.”

The tweet came after Gimple, who is also the show’s director of programming, tweeted in June that “The world is coming to an end.”

The tweets came in the wake of reports that AMC and HBO were working on a new TV series that was going to explore the world of zombies.

The Walking DEAD showrunner tweeted last month that the new project was “the first thing I’d ever worked on.”

The network had not released any further information about the project until Friday.

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