Why the New York Times has to make some changes to its app app

Why the New York Times has to make some changes to its app app

New York TIMES app will be updated to remove the word “sister” and replace it with “daughter,” a spokesperson said Wednesday.

The app, which is used by millions of people in the city, will now list all of the women it considers “sisters” of the New Yorker.

The update was announced Tuesday and follows an outcry in October over the Times app’s omission of the word sister from its search results.

The new name is part of a larger effort to make the app more inclusive, with a new tab for “women in journalism” and a new section called “Women in Journalism.”

The new search feature, which has been in place for two years, also includes a “sibling search” for women that allows the user to narrow down the search results to women who are related to them.

“We’re working hard to improve the experience for our users and have made some important improvements,” said an NYT spokesperson.

The New York City Times has previously said it is committed to “being a safe and welcoming place for women.”

“We’ve always had a strong desire to support the voices of women in the media, and the New Yorkers we serve are just as important to us as the rest of our readers,” the spokesperson said.

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